How to apply for a CASA aviation medical

(Last updated 29/01/23)

There are many steps and variables which can obstruct a successful medical. In my experience it is rare to not encounter any, however your friendly DAME (Designated Aviation Medical Examiner) likely would have smoothed over any wrinkles before submission.

CASA has a handy flowchart for the correct application process:

  1. Have your aviation reference number (ARN) ready.
  2. Now you can begin.
  3. While declaring any significant past history is important, vaguely described conditions and treatments of uncertain dates are unhelpful. Incomplete answers will prolong your medical. If still unsure, draw your DAME’s attention to the relevant details.
  4. Please pay any applicable fees to CASA; otherwise your DAME is unable to open your MRS (Medical Records System) file.
  5. Look for a DAME.
  6. You may prefer to first complete the required prior testing. MRS will indicate a to-do list. Your GP can assist in this.
  7. Wear loose clothing which is convenient for the partial undressing during examination.
  8. Bring any glasses, and a spare pair. These will be the same 2 pairs you bring into the cockpit. If wearing contact lenses be prepared to remove them for testing.
  9. Do not go for exercise or have any caffeine beforehand, or your blood pressure may be unexpectedly elevated.
  10. You will need to provide a (small) urine sample; perhaps have some water onsite.
  11. Your DAME will need to check your photo ID and have you declare a statement for CASA before submission.
  12. Your DAME may warn you of any further information CASA may seek. Depending on CASA’s current caseload, issuance will take time. Your DAME will attempt to revalidate the current certificate for 2 months. This is no longer possible though, if the last certificate had expired for more than 3 months.
  13. A fee applies which is not Medicare rebateable. But otherwise, hopefully you are done!
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