Motivated, conflicted, confused, or despondent? I am here for you — together we will restore your internal balance, and uncover the chameleon who can thrive in our volatile world.

I have a special interest in the treatment of chronic pain and other intractable somatic symptoms, utilising pain reprocessing therapy (PRT), (Internal Family Systems) IFS-informed EMDR and clinical hypnosis, in a mindbody integrated approach. Another emerging focus is shared case reconceptualisation, for clients who did not respond to initial psychotherapy.

But no matter psychological or somatic, I am committed to help you examine the architecture of your world; and return the wellness that is your birthright.

What other conditions can be treated?

  • anxiety, OCD and phobias
  • depression, mood disorders
  • stress and adjustment disorders
  • complicated grief
  • sleep disturbance
  • PTSD, trauma exposure
  • alcohol use, and other substances
  • smoking cessation
  • interpersonal difficulties

How long does treatment take?

One or more sessions are required to understand the nature of the problem and to decide what treatments might be appropriate. I will also discuss the selected treatment with you more fully and allow the opportunity for questions. The type of problem and life circumstances will determine how many EMDR treatment sessions are necessary.

In the IFS model, the client heals their own internal parts; and therefore the therapy often occurs between sessions.

Clinical hypnosis, unlike most other forms of therapy, can be completed in 2 sessions in many cases, even a single session at times. The effect also tends to take hold within a few days.

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